The Bermuda Counsellors Association embraces all mental health disciplines and is committed to the development and enhancement of professional counselling in Bermuda. 

Our commitment to “Unlocking the Door to Change” continues as we support the Bermuda Health Council's efforts to enact legislation which protects not only the professional title 'counsellor' but also  the Bermuda public.

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What's New


The BCA Executive Board for 2010/2011
Chairperson Dawn Barbey
Deputy-Chairperson Diana Decker
General Secretary Cindy Smith
Treasurer   Tresca Trott
Member Secretary   Sherrie Walker
Member at Large Fiona Elkinson
Member at Large Netta Hollinsid

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The Bermuda Counsellor's Association has been awarded Affiliate Membership with  the Alliance of Professional Counseling Organizations  (APCO)with the America Counselors Association as of November 2010.

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Meeting Dates for 2011 - 2012


General Meeting

  Thursday December 08th 2011

  Thursday March 08th 2012

 5:30pm @ BIU

Annual General Meeting

  Thursday June 07th 2012

5:30 @BIU


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